Inks and Varnishes


Oxidative-drying inks for printing on plastics and paper

Description Application Quality characteristics Substrates
Oxidative-drying sheet-fed offset Suitable for standard and short colours coated and uncoated paper, cardboard
label printing suitable for thermoforming, good colour transmission plastics, PE, PP, PVC, PS
card printing

Available in the following colours:

  • Process colours (CMYK)*
  • Lightface colours*
  • All basic PMS shades incl. transparent white*
  • Silver
  • Primer
  • Low Migration
  • UV-hardening*
  • Contains silicone*
  • Suitable for lamination
  • Suitable for thermoforming*
  • Suitable for hot foil
  • Coated and uncoated paper*
  • Suitable for short inking units*