Workflow Software

The digital workflow system

StudioRIP XF is the latest generation of a prepress solution that is renowned for its outstanding screening quality, versatility and flexibility. Feature rich to complement any print process, it brings the benefits of productivity, speed and quality at a highly competitive price.The latest rendering-based architecture, running on either PC or MAC hardware, provides the core capability of StudioRIP to convert in real time any content in the workflow to the required format for display, proofing, digital printing or plate and film production.
Coupled with a very intuitive and easy-to-learn interface, StudioRIP integrates time consuming tasks such as trapping, imposition and pre-flighting into one easy-to-use application. This unique combination guarantees the fastest route from input to stunning results whatever final output process – offset, flexo, digital or inkjet plates and films.
StudioRIP is a feature-rich application which can be used for most printing applications: Computer-to-Plate / Commercial Printers and Inkjet Film and Plate Production.

Computer-to-Plate / Commercial Printers

  • Scalable Features – Printers can start making plates to their normal specification, but expand to include FM Screening, Proofing and Trapping. CIP3 Digital output allows StudioRIP to grow your business.
  • Open System – StudioRIP can drive a wide range of devices by interface or via output formats.
  • Easy to use – StudioRIP has a very easy-to-use interface, allowing expert users to control complex high end features and settings, while simple tasks are accessed with just a few mouse clicks. The Mac client also eliminates the need for a Windows PC in Mac-only environments.
  • Outstanding Dot Quality – Moiré-Free output, Hybrid Screening as standard with option for FM, as well as tools built into the RIP for making press curves.

Inkjet Film and Plate Production

  • Cost effective – The most cost-effective system available with multiple Clients and multi devices as standard.
  • Unparalleled density control and sharp output – Full control of density and spread, with Density Modulation to achieve the optimum ink density for the dot size being output.
  • Increased Speed – On selected Epson printers, StudioRIP technology utilizes two or four print-head channels to increase speed compared to other solutions which use one channel.
  • Ink Spread Compensation – StudioRIP can compensate for inherent gains that are produced on elements such as reversed-out text
  • Increased Quality – StudioRIP can be setup to increase quality by using special micro-weaving and print head controls.