Underpacking Materials


For an optimum printing result in the offset printing process, among others, the absolutely even pressure of the printing cylinders against the entire area is the decisive factor

Irregularities lead to stripes or cloudy spot, to thrusting and folding, to fluctuating dot gain etc. Underpacking sheets having different thicknesses ensure the proper pressure. The accurate and uniform property of the papers as far as possible with regard to density, surface and thickness is important. No willingness to compromise in the precision: marks- 3zet underpacking sheets are manufactured in accordance with ISO Standards for calibrated materials. In this process irregularities are eliminated and the paper is compressed to a minimum of its volume. The required tolerances of ± 0,01 mm/m2 are not only achieved, but clearly fall below. Only the original provides optimal results: for a smooth printing process underpacking sheets in different thicknesses are required.

Technical Product Information
Description Compound from calibrated paper and elastomeric film
Characteristic Top Layer Polyurethane (TPU)
Base Layer Calibrated paper (0,15 mm)
Surface Smooth
Thickness 0,4 mm, 0,5 mm, 0,75 mm, 0,8 mm, 0,9 mm and 0,95 mm
Storage This product should be stored at ambient temperatures of around 20 °C, avoiding wide temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. The storage environment should have a relative humidity of appr. 50%. In ideal storage conditions, the shelf life of this material will be several years from the delivery date. Within this period of time, when stored correctly, there should be no deterioration of the products published performance specification.