The Drydots® system uses hardware and technologies that support the structural principles of the method granting good stands for long life period

In the past years, the Brand developed alternative solutions which allow the integration of classical typographic method (wet offset) with a reduced number of interfaces, creating a converted version of Drydots® method.

Full drydots®

The Drydots® (pre-)printing stage is composed of:

  • CTP
  • Processor for DryPlates®
  • Use of DryPlates® and DryInks®
  • Offset printing press with temperature control unit

Drydots® (pre-)printing stations are provided with the hard and software
that perfectly suit the unique needs of the specific print application.

Drydots® converted

To meet market needs in terms of accessibility, and moreover to be a major player in of the marketplace in which the printed product has to be sustained by absolute quality, Drydots® developed a process of conversion for offset printing presses.

The integration considers :

  • Processor for DryPlates®
  • Addition of temperature control unit to offset printing press (if needed)
  • Use of DryPlates® and DryInks®